Alyvia Catalina

Alyvia Catalina, born and raised a true Amestrian girl who wanted to further the developement of her country by joining the military. Colonel Mustang's loyal (and mischevious) secretary and Rebecca Catalina's younger cousin.
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You are formally invited to the first annual military ball held by the                Fuhrer himself!

To all Fullmetal Alchemist Roleplayers:

  • WHAT: A grand ball celebrating the military’s hard work.
  • WHEN : The ball will be held on the second weekend of September; Saturday, September Eighth and Sunday, September Ninth. 
  • WHERE : It will be held in the tag: Fullmetal Military Ball
  • WHY : Because the grand military of Amestris deserves a thank you!
  • WHO : Anyone is very much welcome!
  • All questions can be answered here.

Reservations will be due by the Friday before the ball; September Seventh.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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